Cheryl and Dudley's Sailbatical Adventure
Sailors Savor Sea Chauffeurs at the Sea Shore (Days 21-22)

Sailors Savor Sea Chauffeurs at the Sea Shore (Days 21-22)

There are so many changes we’ve had to adjust to in the past three weeks, and one of the biggest is the lack of wheels. Many of the small towns along the ICW have a restaurant near a dinghy dock or marina, and maybe a convenience store. But that’s like doing all your grocery shopping at a 7-11. Not only does it get expensive but the selections are very slim, especially healthy choices.

So imagine how excited we were when Wilmington friends Gail and Ron dropped off one of their cars at our marina on Sunday morning.

Gail and Ron visiting Belle Bateau
Gail and Ron visiting Belle Bateau

And not only that, they invited us to stay with them at their condo for a few days thinking that perhaps the wind and the incessant rain would make for wet living at the dock versus cozy living at the condo. We decided it was certainly time for some shore leave. I had been their house guest in Central NC many times from 2004-2006 when Gail and I worked together designing the headquarters for HanesBrands in Winston-Salem, so I knew what gracious hosts they were. Dudley was in for a real treat.

First, we took advantage of that SUV. The shopping list was expanded from mere groceries to shopping for wood to make a sign, hence a trip to Home Depot.

A visit to Home Depot
A visit to Home Depot

We have been concerned on the ICW that our boat name is not visible enough from the back due to the position of the dinghy and the height of the helm on some of the larger powerboats. So we plan to paint our boat’s name on a piece of wood that will be mounted on the dinghy davits. Yet one more boat project.

Wilmington does not lack for shopping opportunities. Wow! After an afternoon of provisioning, we met Gail and Ron at their condo with our duffel bags in hand. We caught up over dinner at Osteria Cicchetti and ice cream at the local favorite Boombalattis.

Weather predictions for the next day looked even wetter, with up to two inches of rain forecasted. On Monday morning, I texted our sailing buddies who were moored at Carolina Beach and learned they were staying put. So Gail and Ron offered to be Sea Chauffeurs and while Dudley tended to some boat projects, the three of us drove to Carolina Beach in the SUV to provide provisioning mercies to Tyler and Doug.

Sea Chauffeurs at the Sea Shore
Sailors meet the Sea Chauffeurs at the Sea Shore

With wheels, they could get a cell phone fixed, buy healthy food, and answer some yearnings at an ABC store. It was great fun to connect new and old friends, and share some tales over lunch.

The fun continues as sailors meet the sea chauffeurs
Fun at lunch

We helped the two very appreciative single-handers load up their dinghies, and we bid them farewell.

Captain Doug setting off in his dinghy
Captain Doug setting off in his dinghy
Captain Tyler putting provisions on his dinghy
Captain Tyler putting provisions on his dinghy

I wonder when we’ll see them again. But our sails keep crossing, on land and on sea, so who knows?

Once back at the condo, we enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal and warm friendship.

Home-cooked meal at the condo
Home-cooked meal at the condo


We are indeed sailors savoring sea chauffeurs at the sea shore! Say that five times fast!

8 Responses to Sailors Savor Sea Chauffeurs at the Sea Shore (Days 21-22)

  1. Hey Cheryl and Dudley. I am loving these stories and I am so glad that you were treated hospitably when in North Carolina. This sort of story makes me proud to call NC “home”. Have you downloaded Uber onto your phones yet? When you don’t have friends loaning you their cars, it’s the next best and cheapest option along the Florida coast!

    • Thanks John! And we do have Uber and have used it when loaner cars aren’t available. We have been enjoying NC and certainly understand why you and others call it home. It’s an easy state to love. And both my sons live here now, so that’s another reason. Thanks for following the blog. Check in often!

  2. I’m really enjoying your blog. Sounds as if you are now in the midst of the great adventure that you put so much planning into!

  3. Love reading your adventure! It looks as if you are connecting with old friends while making new ones along the way. What a beautiful trip! Please keep blogging. It allows the rest of us to experience this journey along with you! Much love to you both!
    Love, Amy

    • Thanks Amy. And you are so right—making new friends and having fun connecting with old friends. It’s been awesome!

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